Gnoll Campaign
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Gnoll Campaign: Return to Yeenador

Gnoll Campaign: Return to Yeenador is a story-driven single player campaign for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.
It is a sequel to GG&K's Dwarf Campaign.


Chapters: 1, Release: 5. Released on September 15, 2018

Required Warcraft III Version

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Patch 1.30.1 or later.



Windows | macOS
(both require patch 1.29)


Release Paradigm: Chapter-By-Chapter

Due to high amount of content present in each chapter (and long develop times thereof), we will release the Gnoll Campaign chapter-by-chapter. It took us about 1200 man-hours to plan and develop the first chapter and we believe that the subsequent chapters will require a like amount of effort.

Installation Instructions


  1. Download GnollCampaign-C1R5.w3n by clicking the Download button.
  2. Copy GnollCampaign-C1R5.w3n to Documents\Warcraft III\Campaigns. If the Campaigns folder does not exist, you must create it.


  1. Download GnollCampaign-C1R5.w3n by clicking the Download button.
  2. Open Finder.
  3. Press and hold the OPTION/ALT key down, then go to the Finder menu in the top menu bar and open the "Go" menu. When you are holding the OPTION/ALT key down, the Library option will appear in the dropdown menu. Click "Library". Now you are in the Library folder.
  4. Open Application Support → Blizzard → Warcraft III.
  5. Create a "Campaigns" folder, if it does not exist.
  6. Copy GnollCampaign-C1R5.w3n to the Campaigns folder.

Playing the Gnoll Campaign

  1. Start Warcraft III.
  2. Make sure you have started the game in The Frozen Throne mode. If not, click the small button on the right hand side of the Single Player button.
  3. Select Single Player → Custom Campaign.
  4. Select Gnoll Campaign in the file menu.
  5. Click Play Campaign.

Selecting the Right Difficulty

Easy: If you have been long time away from Warcraft III and you have not honed your skills to play the game lately, please choose the Easy difficulty.

Normal: If you know how the game functions, you are able to use hero abilities effectively, train a good mix of units, and create a good army, but you do not consider yourself as a super-good player, we recommend playing on the Normal difficulty.

Hard: If you are actually pretty good at the game, you can use hero and unit abilities to the maximum effect, you are able to micro units well, you know how to build an extremely effective army, and you know well what different abilities, items, and upgrades do, we recommend that you play on the Hard difficulty.

If even the Easy difficulty is too difficult for you, please consider using Warcraft III built-in cheats to make the game even easier.

Solutions to Puzzles

You need to take the Spirit Lantern from the Temple of Gurathul and light it up somehow.
You need a Fruit of Ethereal Oil from the Tree of Many Fruits for oil.
When you have the Spirit Lantern and a Fruit of Ethereal Oil, visit the brazier, which is on the left hand side of the Temple of Gu'rathul. Use the Fruit Ethereal Oil to light up the Spirit Lantern, and then put the Spirit Lantern back inside the Temple of Gu'rathul.
You need to put something into the corrupted fountains that purifies them.
Put a Fruit of Healing into the Corrupted Fountain of Health.
Put a Fruit of Mana into the Corrupted Fountain of Mana.
Put a Fruit of Healing and a Fruit of Mana into the Corrupted Fountain of Power.
Put a Fruit of Healing or a Fruit of Mana into a Corrupted Moon Well.
Use enough fruits until the whole corrupted forest is purified.
You can buy Fruits of Healing and Fruits of Mana from the Tree of Many Fruits.
You need to know 6 black mantras, which you can learn from 3 Gnarm'r Fragments that can be found around the map.
One of the Gnarm'r Fragments is hidden in the Totem of Chaos. You must destroy it to find the fragment.
One of the Gnarm'r Fragments drops from the Altar of Yee'Naghu in the Yeenadorian gnolls' main base.
The Troll Shaman in the Skullflower village has one of the fragments, and he can teach the mantras for a fee.
The solution to the Ancient Chant of Gnarm'r is random. There is no single correct answer.
The correct number of mantras to chant is 4. The big brazier on the left hand side lights up, when the correct number of mantras have been chanted.
Each of the braziers on the right hand side light up, when a correct mantra is chanted.
The topmost brazier lights up when the first chanted mantra is correct. The second topmost lights up when the second chanted mantra is correct and so on.
You can chant, for example, "Vex Vex Vex Vex" to see which mantras are Vex. If, let's say, the second and the third brazier light up, you know that the second mantra and the third mantra are Vex. You can repeat the procedure for every mantra until you know the right answer.

Downloads for Previous Patches

Patch 1.29: Gnoll Campaign C1R4: WindowsmacOS

Cinematic Trailer

You can watch our cinematic trailer on YouTube where it has a better resolution than in-game.

Video Music

"Curse of the Scarab", "Take a Chance"
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Change Log

The change log contains some spoilers. Please click the version heading to see the changes.

  • The trailer movie now works in the patch 1.30.1.
  • The trailer movie does not require anymore a separate installation.
  • Updated various icons.
  • Updated description of Fruit of Ethereal Oil to provide an additional hint.
  • Tree of Spirits sells now also Fruits of Insight.
  • Updated tooltip for Spirit Wood.
  • Updated cinematic musics to work with the patch 1.30.1.
  • Saving and loading no longer destroys uncorrupted forest terrain.
  • Minor quest text revisions.
  • Hints for the brazier near the Temple of Gu'rathul are now easier to receive.
  • When forest is healed, cut trees do not become grown anymore.
  • Zul'Rajas has now a comment about the voodoo curse.
  • If gnolls are released before speaking to Mezil-kree, he explains now why the bills need to be paid.
  • Zul'Abar does not speak about releasing the gnolls if you have already spoken about it with Mezil-kree.
  • Unpaid bill dialogues when speaking to trolls have been updated.
  • Some other minor dialogue updates.
  • Added unit animations to certain cinematics.
  • Darathya has now Hero glow.
  • Hid the Hero glow for Arecales in the statue form.
  • Fixed hot keys for items in Warden Lounge.
  • Resistant Skin has been renamed Heroic.
  • Corrupted Tree of Spirits has now Heroic ability.
  • Added trees to the left side of the map.
  • Floating texts have been realigned in Credits.
  • Fantasy Authors section of Credits has been improved.
  • Corrupted Moon Wells can no longer be used to replenish life and mana.
  • Fixed items and their hot keys in Jungle Trolls' Spirit Lodge.
  • Added birds of paradise singing sound.
  • Nerfed Nature's Blessing and increased the cost of the Hero upgrades.
  • The game now takes into account if the Troll Maneater charms units.
  • Fixed a bug that some AIs built double amount of intended units.
  • Some minor doodad changes.
  • Added a dialogue to the Tree of Spirits, when he becomes uncorrupted.
  • A minor quest change.
  • Minor cinematic changes.
  • The difficulty dialog appears now faster.
  • Added a new secret.
  • Credits have been updated.
  • Difficulty is now selected in a dialog menu. This fixes broken difficulty behavior of Warcraft III.
  • Gnoll Assassin, Ghoulfiend, and Heightened Awareness have been nerfed.
  • Some dialogue changes.
  • Gnolls regenerate less hit points and wake up later on the shore.
  • If trolls become hostile, all trolls owned by the player become hostile as well.
  • Bridges in the end fight are wider.
  • Added some doodads to the troll village.
  • Gnoll workers can now attack trees.
  • Gnoll hut is slightly smaller.
  • Great Horned One quest requirement is now correctly set as completed.
  • Nether Temples no longer have a unit inventory.
  • Sharnti-lar's Walk Animation Speed has been adjusted.